Loumet™ Medicine Ball 1-10 kg

Loumet Gym Balls. To slam or not to slam? With Loumet Gym Balls you can!

In the years before expensive medicine ball rebounders and the mass produced rubber medicine balls (weighted basket balls), Loumet began manufacturing an extremely durable one piece rota-molded air-filled medicine ball that would bounce, float and not split when slammed against hard surfaces ... and we still do!

Loumet Gym Balls are the most durable and       reliable medicine ball on the market today.

Designed and manufactured to be used on all   solid surfaces.

Slam after slam, tlhe Loumet Gym Ball has been field tested and proven to keep bouncing right back at you for more.

Loumet Gym Ball combines the strength of a dead-ball with the bounce of a medicine ball.

Over 20 years has passed since Loumet first started manufacturing its weighted Gym Ball and in that time thousands of athletes, trainers, studios and gymnasiums have recognised the superiority of its durability and performance.

The fact that it is not uncommon to see 2. 4 and even 6 year old Loumet manufactured Gym Balls in your local gymnasium or training studio is a testament to its quality and unique composite construction.

The durability and performance of the Loumet Gym Ball has never been more apparent than now, with the functional cross-fit driven medicine ball drills highlighting the structural weakness of the low cost rubber medicine balls.

So with over 2 decades passed and in a time when rubber medicine balls are being sold with a disclaimer that they are not designed For slamming on solid surfaces because they may split, Loumet Gym Balls continue to bridge the gap between durability, reliability, performance and value for money.

€ 45,00